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Basement Remodels

One thing that became abundantly clear during this pandemic was the need for more space for the kids (and adults) to be able to go somewhere to play, relax, make noise or whatever the heart desires, Downtown Abbeys are leading design and builders for basement remodeling and cover top to toe from french drains and dig downs to custom media centers delivering to most fantastic movie night experience. have a vision? tell us and we will turn into a reality. 


A Kitchen is undisputedly the most important room in a house, we understand this more than anyone and the planning and choices that go into building a kitchen are un-compromised. we only use quality cabinets and appliances as anything else just doesn't stand the test of time. this makes it the biggest financial investment relative to the rest of the property but can be the most rewarding.


 Bathrooms can be the most interesting and fun type of remodel, and guess what! WE SPECIALIZE IN BATHROOMS! although the amount of time spent in them is limited, we still want them to be as luxurious as possible. we are very experienced in building any type of bathroom you can think of ranging from wet rooms to walk in showers to soaking tubs with wall to wall marble or solid one piece stone, Brass fixtures, victorian sinks, pull chain over head cistern toilets. under floor programmable heated flooring , you name it, we've put one or two in! 

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